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Imagine a Florida Without No-Fault Insurance Coverage

January 31st, 2018 - In Insurance News

A local lawmaker from Brandon, FL, has introduced a Florida Senate bill that would require vehicle owners to buy liability coverage that would include occupants of the vehicle the policyholder is driving as well as occupants of the vehicle the policyholder has hit (if found responsible for the cause of the crash).  The bill that could end no-fault insurance coverage in Florida has advanced in Florida’s Senate from a key committee according to the Sun Sentinel.

One of the opinions expressed for wanting to wipe out no-fault insurance coverage from Florida is the fact that when an accident takes place, the person at fault may not have coverage past their PIP policy. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and it covers the policyholder and the occupants of their vehicle only. Another caveat of PIP is that even if the person isn’t the driver at fault, but they have a PIP policy, the policy will cover them and their occupants. In a state where it’s common to have accidents occur with drivers who are not insured, PIP is a welcome relief to drivers.

Some lobbying bodies think it’s not enough though, and are in support of repealing the no-fault insurance policy possibility for Florida and instead move toward a system where a more comprehensive vehicle insurance plan is implemented – if you’re responsible for the accident your policy covers your vehicle and occupants, as well as the other vehicles’ involved.

Another supporting factor being thrown into the ring is how when PIP was implemented in Florida it was supposed to help simplify the legal and payment process after an accident when that hasn’t been the case.

The Sun Sentinel piece does a great job explaining the pros and cons of repealing no-fault insurance and moving toward a comprehensive insurance policy system. For example, policyholders who have had to utilize their PIP coverage more than once in a short span of time due to accidents that were not their fault but the driver of the other car was under-insured. The victim was dropped by their policy.

A counter-argument to repealing no-fault insurance coverage from Florida is very simple, those not in favor are fearful of premium spikes on auto insurance in Florida. If drivers cannot afford policies if the bill were to pass into law, would that throw more uninsured drivers out on Florida’s roads?

To read more about the proposed bills in Florida’s House and Senate to end no-fault insurance, and how the respective bills differ, go to:

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