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Florida Horn Honking Laws Vague

January 28th, 2019 - In Safety and Prevention

Recently, a story about a Massachusetts woman getting a ticket for horn honking made the viral rounds. The woman was driving and was allegedly cut off by a vehicle. She honked her horn. Her horn honking may have been considered aggressive, as it sparked the attention of the offender who cut her off — an unmarked police car occupied by an on-duty officer.

As the story continued, the officer unintentionally cut the woman’s vehicle off while pursuing another vehicle. The woman claims she had to swerve out of the lane to avoid being hit and blared her horn. It appears she noticed it was an officer after swerving out of the way and honking loudly. The officer at that point opted to not pursue the other vehicle and proceeded to pull the woman over.

The ticket also accuses the woman of flipping the “number one” symbol to the driver of the vehicle after discovering they were an officer but before she was pulled over, but the woman disputes this facet of the story and only admits to honking.

So many layers to this story

She’s taking the ticket to court and contesting it.

Even though the situation took place in Massachusetts. This got us curious about Florida horn laws, which you can view here:

Surprisingly, Florida’s laws regarding vehicles and horns is very vague. All vehicles must have a working horn, it cannot be excessively loud or disruptive. Disruptive is explained as a horn that doesn’t sound like a horn. And the last caveat is when it is appropriate to honk. A warning honk like a beep-beep is acceptable, but an aggressive Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep could trigger an infraction if an officer is present and considers it an act of excessiveness or aggression.

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