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Celebrate 4th of July Safely in Tampa Bay

June 29th, 2018 - In Community, Safety and Prevention

As we grow closer to the 4th of July, parties are getting planned and supplies are going to be procured. Some of these supplies will be of the loud exploding kind. There’s just one problem, any type of firework product that launches and explodes in the air, is illegal in the state of Florida. Some of these parking lot tent setups selling fireworks will go so far as to have you sign a waiver. The waiver is really meaningless.

Hillsborough County urges consumers to be aware of what they have bought and to take precautions. Sparklers along with “devices containing very small amounts of explosive compounds – cap guns, party poppers, glow worms, and the like are allowed…”

Tips to Stay Safe this 4th!

If you have dogs that are scared of loud noises or thunder, chances are that fireworks will be very tough on them. Create a safe room with calming sounds. Open doors from parties are one of the easiest ways for scared dogs to bolt on the 4th.

Small children should be supervised, loud noises can cause them to bolt and seek an unfamiliar place to hide. Have your child wear light-reflective clothing can help them be spotted as the sun goes down, especially if they try to cross a street without adult supervision.

For fire safety: Yards should be picked up before setting anything off; yard debris can easily ignite, especially during the summer. Having a means to extinguish fires close by like the fire extinguisher you keep in your home or a garden hose. And if you’re the one who will be doing the lighting, make sure you do not have loose clothing on that can catch fire.

Don’t forget, if you want a good 4th of July fireworks show, chances are there will be one close to home. Over the next few days, venues will be announcing their firework show schedule and we will keep you informed.

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