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Association of Independent Doctors Releases Parody Video on Healthcare Cost

October 30th, 2018 - In Healthcare

A little sense of humor goes a long way. The Association of Independent Doctors published a video using tongue-in-cheek humor to highlight issues with today’s health-care system.

The video kicks off with a hand writing across the screen, “The Perfect Money-Making Model.” At first, you may think the video is going to show you a new concept of how healthcare organizations can make money while the consumer isn’t financially taxed. Instead, it actually gives you, the consumer, an overview of what makes today’s health-care system so difficult from third-party-payers to non-disclosure of hospital pricing.

The video helps emphasize that when a patient treats their healthcare like they are a consumer that they will look for the best bargain, even with insurance being involved. This form of transparency is becoming more and more important today because along with rising premiums, co-pays and deductibles are on the rise with less access to decent care.

The Orlando Sentinel reported on the video and also provided a stat worth noting. The stat showed that “as of 2017, most states, including Florida failed to improve price transparency and access to doctor quality information.” The statistic came from Catalyst for Payment Reform.

When looking for a proper health plan you should take into consideration what your monthly out-of-pocket for the premium, deductible total, what your co-pays will be. Remember if you’re paying low premiums, your out-of-pocket on the back-end will be higher.

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