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Are Headlights Blinding You, Lately?

January 22nd, 2019 - In Safety and Prevention

Have you felt, “Blinded by the (head)lights,” lately? Did you sing that? We hope you did. But we also hope you haven’t been too blinded by the lights. Oops, we did it again!

Oh, music puns, you’re too easy.

Anyway, chances are on the high side that you’ve encountered more than a few strong beams of light being emitted by cars in back of you. It’s even worse when they are driving on the opposite side of traffic and their lights feel like they are shooting laser beams straight into your brain.

You’re not alone in this. It’s an actual thing, it’s not just a feeling. Unless you ask Popular Science and they will dispute it.

Over the past few years, car tech has improved immensely. Car manufacturers in an effort to make front ends appear sexier, yet safe have created stronger brighter and colored lighting fixtures.

According to Popular Science, there was a slight update to headlight fixtures in 2008, but nothing that would have allowed light bulbs in the headlight fixtures to shine brighter.

However, a recent report from Fox 5 NY disputes that. One reason can be people making updates to their vehicles that are not endorsed by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s dealership.

Fox 5 NY also reported, “Definitely headlights are getting brighter and brighter and it’s as the technology progresses. We have gone from the sealed beam headlamp to xenon high intensity [SIC] discharge lamps, halogen lamps and now LEDs,” said Robert Sinclair Jr with AAA Northeast.”

The article from Fox 5 NY went on to explain why even though there are headlight brightness regulation like the Popular Science article explained that it is extremely hard to enforce. So, there’s a chance (it is possible).

While there is no clear answer, it’s imperative that if you are having issues viewing the road at night due to headlights either coming from behind or appearing head on, you should discuss this issue with an eye professional.

To learn more about the types of headlights available and how they may affect road clarity and your vision when they beam right into your eyes, visit:

To learn more about both articles we reviewed, you visit:–xG-GRKRBf5fRa3UGzyWQafNko



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