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Pinellas County Hits Back Against Predatory Towing

August 26th, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention, Tampa Bay News

Pinellas County Approves Reforms to Stop Predatory Towing Practices From Affecting Responsible Drivers Avoiding Drinking & Driving

Back in February, we wrote about how responsible Tampa Bay adults who left their vehicles instead of driving after drinking were experiencing their vehicles getting towed even though there were ordinances in certain …

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New Car Seat Developed to Prevent Infant Hot Car Death

July 31st, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention

This has been an unreasonably hot summer for the sunshine state. And sadly, infant hot car death reports haven’t slowed down. In order to stop that from happening, Walmart and Evenflo partnered up to create a car seat that will alert drivers if a child is still in their car …

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What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

July 30th, 2016 - In Insurance News, Insurance Tips & Info

If someone were to ask you what your homeowners insurance policy covered, would you know? It’s an innocent enough question, but as the Sun-Sentinel pointed out today, some homeowners in South Florida will get a rude awakening when their renewals come in —policy increases.

The article did not cover whether …

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Teens Struck by Lightning Were Playing Pokemon Go

July 26th, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention, Tampa Bay News

Florida’s death toll due to lightning strikes rose to five as of Monday, when a construction worker in Bonita Springs died. But the week before, something awful happened. Teenagers who were out walking along a Clearwater beach began to head for cover as a storm rolled in off the water. …

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Zika Virus in Florida – What You Need to Know

July 21st, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention

The Zika Virus in Florida has been all over the news since people infected with the virus were reported, as well as a few women with pregnancy complications. Many people are still not sure exactly what the Zika virus is, but do know that it can come from a mosquito …

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It’s That Time of Year Again — New Laws Start July 1

June 30th, 2016 - In Tampa Bay News

Tomorrow, July 1, 2016, 159 new laws take affect and they run the gambit from healthcare to law enforcement family benefits to things related to the outdoors and boating.

Let’s take a look at some highlights.

HB 427 will give a 12% discount on annual registration fees for boat owners …

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Choosing the Right Emergency Boating Beacon

June 28th, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention

Boating Beacon — The Emergency Boating Device You Didn’t Know You Needed

As we get closer to the Fourth of July, which is also the highest boating traffic weekend of the summer according to the Safe Boating Campaign, it’s not a bad idea to revisit some boating safety information. Today’s …

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2 Summer Heat Dangers You May Not Know About

June 24th, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention

We live in the sunshine state and even though it does feel like we live in a perpetual summer, there are some summer heat dangers lurking right beneath our noses.

Earlier this week while watching the news, there was a story about a child who received second-degree burns across his …

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Monostable Gear Shifter Recall on Jeep That Killed Actor

June 20th, 2016 - In Safety and Prevention

At the end of April, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) completed an investigation into vehicles built with what is called a Monostable gear shifter. In February, the NHTSA started an investigation due to “314 complaints linked to these transmissions, including 121 reports of crashes and 30 injuries,” which …

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Rainy Season’s Here: What to Do If Your Car Floods

May 31st, 2016 - In Insurance News, Insurance Tips & Info

flooding situation in certain parts of Florida during the rainy season can get out of hand at times. Do you know what to do if your car floods?

It’s surprisingly easy to think you’re driving into a puddle, only to find out that puddle is more like a small lake …

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